Car rental in Malaga

Advantages of renting a vehicle with Yellow Car

Cars with full coverage insurance without deductible in Malaga.

Car rental service in Malaga:

Car rental at Malaga Airport without transfers, lines, or waits.

Car rental at Málaga María Zambrano Train Station without waiting

Fleet of rental vehicles with no hidden costs on the price.

Yellow Car · RENT A CAR Málaga

In Yellow Car, as a car rental company in Malaga without a driver, we help you make your holidays unique and unparalleled while you visit everything that the city and the Costa del Sol have to offer.

Yellow Car Málaga offers customers the availability of a vehicle at both the Malaga Airport and the María Zambrano train station.

Enjoying Málaga with a rental car

Málaga is one of those cities that leaves you impressed as soon as you see it. This town is full of life and energy 24 hours a day, and its people are naturally very friendly. The city of Malaga was recently included among the top 10 in all of Europe with the highest quality of life.

If you’re thinking about visiting it, you should know that a significant amount of time is wasted depending on public transportation to get around, with renting a car in the city of Malaga being the best option to make the most of your vacation.

We are unique at Yellow Malaga Car Hire

Car rental prices in Málaga are CLEAR

Car rental with clear rates and no hidden costs

It is frequent to find, on web pages, surprisingly low car hire rates which become progressively more expensive not only during the booking procedure but also during the course of the rental or even once the rental is over.

The extra charges most frequently applied are:

  • The insisting offer of additional insurances not previously contracted.
  • Insurances advertised as “full risk” which are not true full risk insurances, either because not all possible damages are covered or because there might be an insurance excess (maximum amount to pay on your behalf)
  • High reparation costs in case those additional insurances are not contracted.
  • Unexpected fuel charges of fuel systems not favorable to the client. (like picking the car up with a full tank of fuel and having to bring it back with an empty tank)
  • Additional charges for traffic fines administration long after the rental is over.
  • Etc

Our prices might look higher at first view but we do only show a final real price with no additional hidden costs.

Rental cars in Malaga with real all-risk insurance. No deductible

Cars with true fully comprehensive insurance with no excess or deposits

It is frequent to find, on web pages, surprisingly low car hire rates which become progressively more expensive not only during the booking procedure but also during the course of the rental or even once the rental is over.

Usually in these cases a wide scenario of confusing insurance options is presented and most of them may not include a real comprehensive insurance without excess

The excess or franchise is the maximum amount that must be paid in case of theft or damage to the vehicle even if it is not your responsibility. It is usually charged in advance through a credit card retention or deposit.

Companies usually encourage their staff to sell additional insurances when picking the car up and, if not purchased, compensate with a retention of amount on your credit card as a guarantee to cover possible damages.

If you do not purchase the maximum insurance coverage, we recommend that you carefully inspect the vehicle for any existing damages and ensure they are detailed in the rental agreement.

Even in case of maximum insurance coverage you should check that the insurance covers you in the following cases:

– Punctures or damage to the tires, wheels and underside of the vehicle.

– Broken mirrors, windscreens and car windows.

– Break or loss of keys

– 24 hours tow assistance service.

– Vehicle replacement in case of breakdown or accident.

– 24-hour taxi service for a first urgent trip in case of breakdown or accident.

Yellow Car only offers a single type of insurance coverage without any excess.

We will not take a deposit on your credit card for this concept or check the vehicle for damages previous to car delivery or after the car is returned.
All the above mentioned concepts are included in our insurance.

The fastest car rental service at Malaga Airport, with no transfers, no lines, and no waiting.

The fastest car hire service at Malaga Airport with no waiting, queues or transfers

Car pick up procedure for car hire companies at Malaga airport is usually one of the following:

  • The customer goes to the counter of the company located inside the airport. (This is the point where additional insurances and options are offered by some companies). Once the contract agreement is formalized the client is directed to the zone of the public parking area assigned to that company where the rental vehicle will be located. Depending on the season and the company the waiting time at the counter queue will be more or less extensive.
  • Clients are met by a company representative in the public arrival area of ​​the Airport and directed to a minibus or collective transport vehicle that will take them to the rental company office located outside the terminal building. It is there where the rental agreement is prepared and the vehicle is delivered. In this case, you might have to wait for other clients in the same flight before making the transfer. Also the company’s location may be closer of further apart from the arrival terminal.

The operation of Yellow Car is different.

One of our employees meets you in the public arrival area of ​​the Airport.

The rental contract is formalized in that same place and time (if you have previously provided your personal information the process is very fast).

Our staff helps you carry your luggage outside the Terminal, in the closest possible area allowed for vehicle access to the Airport, where another employee waits with the car.

With Yellow Car you do not need to keep a queue at the counter of the rental company or move to our offices in shared transportation.

Full tank fuel policy

Fair and clear car fuel policy
Full pick up –> Full return

Most car hire companies usually deliver the cars with a full fuel tank.

In some cases, when the rental price is very low, they can ask the client to pay the cost of the fuel in advance and instruct to return the vehicle with an empty tank.

This system involves an additional cost for the client who will find very difficult to adjust the fuel consumption to finish the rental with a completely empty tank. Also the price charged for the fuel may be higher than market price.

To avoid any fuel charges Yellow Car delivers all vehicles with a full tank of fuel and client should return them the same. Full –> Full

Rental vehicle delivery and pickup service in Malaga at the airport, station, hotel, or residence.

Have your rental car picked up and returned to your Hotel or address

We do not only attend you in our offices at Marbella, Cala de Mijas and Malaga Airport.

For your convenience, with previous agreement, we can deliver and pick up your car at your hotel, private home or holiday address.

We cover any point of Costa de Sol between Malaga Airport and Estepona.

We also go to you within office opening hours if you need a car replacement or in case of a breakdown.

This service can be useful if you decide not to drive from Malaga Airport or not having a car during all your vacations.

Usually this service has no additional cost (check with us).

Own fleet of over 400 rental vehicles: economy, automatic, vans, luxury, convertibles, etc…

Our own fleet of more than 400 cars: economics, automatics, vans, high end, convertibles, etc…

We have an extensive, self owned, fleet of more than 400 vehicles focused on Costa del Sol and Malaga province.

Our range of cars include:

  • Economic and compact cars like Fiat Panda, Opel Corsa.
  • 7 and 9-seater vans for passenger transport or large luggage needs.
  • Family vehicles
  • S.U.V
  • High-end vehicles such as the Audi A4, Q5 and Mini
  • Convertible cars

We also offer this range with automatic gear box

For your privacy our cars are not marked with stickers or publicity that identifies them as rental vehicles.

Rent a car in Malaga without intermediaries. Know who you’re really renting your car from.

We are not car hire intermediaries. Know who you rent your car with.

Many websites you will find when making a car rental search are not car rental companies but brokers or intermediaries that group, offer and compare a range of options from different companies.

The presence of intermediaries, mixing the different rental options of different companies or even different offers of the same company, usually make booking procedures, changes and cancelations much more complicated.

The broker itself can also offer an external car insurance to the one provided by the rental company which can lead to more confusion and possible conflicts in case of an accident reclamation.

If you rent regularly through these websites, a personalized relation between client and renter becomes very difficult since the car hire company will vary constantly (different staff, delivery and collection procedures, fuel systems, insurance conditions, car models, etc.)

The quality of service can vary greatly depending of the chosen company.

We are not car hire intermediaries. We own our car fleet.

A highly stable and qualified team to provide you with personalized service.

Very qualified and stable staff to assist you with a personalized service.

In Yellow Car all employees have permanent contracts and usually stay in the company for many years. This way our regular customers are usually looked after by the same people who get to know their tastes and preferences and can personalize the service.

Our staff speaks spanish, english, german, french and russian.

We’re always open, 365 days a year.

We Open 365 days a year

All Our offices (Marbella, Cala de Mijas and Malaga Airport) are open Sundays and public holidays, 365 days a year to attend any incident.

We Also have a 24 hour Roadside assistance service that will assist you in case of breakdown outside office hours and will provide a taxi service for a first transfer at no cost.

Rental vehicles in Malaga without advertising stickers. Don’t drive an advertisement.

Vehicles without stickers or publicity that identify you as a tourist

Although Spain is one of the safest countries in the world, in all places tourists tend to be the target of petty theft especially when cars are parked.

Also for your privacy, our vehicles have no stickers or advertisements that identify them as rental vehicles and make them catch the attention.

Don’t drive a banner.

Special rental conditions for vehicles in Málaga for owners and regular customers.

Special Rental Conditions
For regular owners and customers

We have a discount system for regular customers and holiday home owners.

Check with us.

Rent a car Malaga Airport.

In Yellow Car, one of the leading car rental companies at Malaga Airport, we offer a car rental service. Take advantage of our hassle-free car rental service at Malaga Airport, without queues or waiting.

Rent a car Málaga train station.

Car rental service at Malaga train station without lines or waits. We provide all possible facilities to our customers during the car rental at María Zambrano Malaga (Malaga AVE station).

Pick-up and drop-off of rental car at Malaga Airport

ADDRESS: Avenida García Morato, Edificio Check Point

What is included in our car rental prices in Malaga?

Comprehensive insurance with no deductible. Includes tires, windows, locks, etc.
Fuel System.
Full tank delivery – Full tank return.
Unlimited mileage in Andalusia.
Vehicle without stickers or advertising.
24-hour taxi and towing service in case of a breakdown.
Without fines management fees.
Early reservation cancellation at no cost.

Advantages of seeing Málaga by car.

The province of Malaga has many places that are worth visiting by car through car rental in Malaga. Marbella is only 60 kilometers away, Antequera is 52 km away, and Ronda is 102 km away. The great advantage of this is that you can leave and return whenever you want, avoiding long waits for public transportation, and you will have complete freedom to move around wherever you want.

You can also rent a car at Malaga Airport. This way, if you’re flying to the city, you can quickly check into your hotel or apartment and make the most of your time.

Due to the large influx of tourists who choose to visit the city every year, new roads have been built that further facilitate the journey to nearby towns while saving fuel, making rental cars in Málaga a very economical option.

We have two physical locations:

The main highway that runs along the entire Costa del Sol is the A7, where there is a high volume of traffic, especially during the summer season in the afternoon, when people return to their hotels after swimming at the beach.

With a rental car in Malaga, you won’t have to endure these traffic jams, as you can return at the time that suits you best. No one wants to be stuck on the road for hours, especially if you’re using public transportation like a bus or private transportation like a taxi, as these options are not cost-effective and do not provide high flexibility for users to explore all the tourist attractions available.

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