If you are looking for an airport near Marbella, then you are looking for Malaga airport. It was built in 1919, when an airplane piloted by Pierre George landed in a place located in Misericordia Beach because it could not land anywhere else.

In its origins, the services of the Malaga airport were very limited, since the place was only 500 meters long. The place was rented and there was still not much demand for services.

In 1937 it was an air base that had a great importance for the war. It would not be until 1939 when it would begin to expand and build what are now the 2 runways.

The history of Malaga airport was completed when the Pablo Ruiz Picasso terminal was built (1968) and a parking lot next to the hangar in 1995.

Now, this airport is one of the most important airports in Spain.

Passenger figures for 2019 were almost 20,000,000, representing a difference of 2.5% compared to 2018.

In case you need it, the telephone number for Malaga airport is 913 21 10 00

Car rental service at Malaga Airport

When you arrive at Malaga Airport, the first thing you discover is that it is located at quite a distance from the big capitals. Conventional transport options (such as train or bus) are either not available, or have very limited schedules. On the other hand, the cab could make our trip significantly more expensive.

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