In Marbella we can not only enjoy good weather and unique gastronomy, but also have many places to feed our thirst for knowledge. There is an interesting series of museums in Marbella where old pieces, sculptures, paintings, among other curious elements (such as bonsai) are on display.

In order for you not to miss any of these museums, we encourage you to discover them in this article:

The best museums in Marbella

Ralli Museum

The Ralli Museum is composed of a total of 10 rooms dedicated to Latin American and European art, generally with pieces related to the surrealist style. We can find works by authors such as Braun Vega, Carmen Aldunate, Eduardo Sarlos or Alicia Carletti.

In addition, you can access the museum completely free, as there is no entrance fee.

Engraving Museum in Marbella

The Engraving Museum is located in what was once the Bazán Hospital. Inside we can find a large collection of engravings, which is estimated to be about 2 thousand works.

The visit to the museum will help us to have a greater perspective of the impact and evolution of engraving for our country throughout the 20th century, everything that Picasso, Miró or Dalí have done for it.

Bonsai Museum

Finally, in the Bonsai Museum we can find species that are more than 400 years old, such as El Toro, a juniper.

You can also find miniatures that are currently in danger of extinction, such as the Spanish fir.

In addition, the museum carries out various educational and cultural activities.

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