The old town of Marbella hides a number of points of interest that will not leave you indifferent, so it must be an essential place in your visit. But as there is so much to see, and we don’t usually have time to spare, we have prepared a list in which we organise the most outstanding ones.

What to do in Marbella? 4 Points of interest in the old town

The Orange Square is a small town square that stands out for its heady smell of orange blossom. It is a perfect place to sit and enjoy a drink while feeling Andalusia in all its splendour.

As a curiosity, the construction of the square dates back to the time of the Catholic Kings. This construction is also very interesting, as it once contained what was the Arab medina. It is considered to be the most important Muslim vestige that can be found throughout Marbella.

In fact, it is considered to be of Cultural Interest.

This museum shows us the graphic works of artists from different periods of time (from the 15th century onwards). Thus, you can find outstanding works by Picasso, Goya, Miró, Dalí, among others.

This is another point of interest that you should not forget to visit when you walk through the historic centre of Marbella.

The chapel of San Juan de Dios, also known as Hospitalillo, is made up of just one nave covered by a 3-panel wooden frame. It attracts a lot of attention because of its decorative geometrical resources.

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