The Andalusian province of Malaga has some of the most spectacular spots and viewpoints in southern Spain, famous for their great beauty, location and for being one of the favourite places for thousands of people looking to plan a few days driving around some of the most spectacular viewpoints in Malaga.

If you have to highlight the best viewpoints in Malaga, there are undoubtedly five of them that stand out above the rest, for their breathtaking views and for being in one of the most recommended areas to visit in Andalusia, especially if you choose to rent a car to visit the most interesting viewpoints and points of interest in Malaga.

The best viewpoints in Malaga

If you are travelling and want to visit some of the most interesting viewpoints and tourist attractions in this part of Andalusia, perhaps the best option is to rent a car from an agency with some experience, professionalism and expertise as Yellowcar, which knows how to advise and offer the best car hire options for each destination in Malaga, especially if you want to visit the five most important and essential viewpoints to visit.

Gibralfaro viewpoint

The Mirador de Gibralfaro is one of the first stops for anyone wishing to enjoy breathtaking views of the city of Malaga, from where you can enjoy the unforgettable sunsets and the beautiful sea that bathes the coast of Malaga, from a very quiet wooded area populated by squirrels. A viewpoint which, although it is accessible by bus, it is advisable to use a rented vehicle to make the experience more comfortable.

Mount San Antón viewpoint

Another equally recommended spot is the Mirador del Monte San Antón, which offers other impressive views of the city from a unique natural spot, as well as a view of some of the most beautiful villas in Malaga. A must for those who want to take snapshots of the city from a privileged spot.

Battery Park

The Parque de la Batería is another of the five most recommended viewpoints, as it is located in a unique natural setting that offers visitors a recommended pond with boats and several trails and routes where you can stroll, as well as recreational areas to enjoy with the family.

Cañada del Lobo Viewpoint

The Mirador Cañada del Lobo is another spot that offers spectacular views, but is somewhat difficult due to the terrain and the paths, which is why we recommend a certain level of physical fitness and approaching the start in a rented car from Malaga, in order to make the most of the time and get to other viewpoints of equal interest.

Balcony of Europe in Nerja

Others such as the Balcón de Europa, a must if you visit Nerja in the province of Malaga and one of the characteristic postcards of the town, identifiable worldwide. A particularly touristy viewpoint, which offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and its location is perfect for taking pictures with family or friends while touring the province of Malaga.

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