When visiting any big city by car, one of the main headaches that arise is undoubtedly finding a good place to park our vehicle. In Malaga it can be quite problematic to park, especially in the centre during the holidays or in the proximity of big dates like Christmas, so it is essential to know where to park in Malaga with guarantees.

In Malaga city you can find both paid and free parking options that may interest you and that it is advisable to take into account, especially if you want to be quiet for a few hours, knowing that your car is parked in the right place.

The best free places to park in Malaga city centre

If you are looking for free parking in Malaga one of the first options you should consider is the area of El Ejido, in the central district of the city, one of the most recommended places if you want to move freely around Malaga and not worry about your vehicle as there are numerous schools and sports facilities with public parking spaces available.

Other equally interesting options are the free parking located at the end of the port of Malaga, perfect for those who want to enjoy this part of the city, as well as the area adjacent to the Rosaleda Stadium or streets like Carretería or Guillén Sotelo, with numerous spaces where you can park for free for a few hours.

Cheap parking in Malaga

Although not free, opting for a cheap car park can be an excellent option if you want to be completely relaxed with your car. There are paid car parks in Malaga that can be interesting, such as Pedrocar, Maria Zambrano or Lido, scattered along the main streets of the city.
Another equally interesting option for parking is to leave your car in a shopping centre such as Vialia or Larios, where you can leave your car almost for free, as you only have to make a minimum purchase of 6€ and you get validation for the time you have been parked for that day.
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