Enjoying the province of Malaga not only means getting lost in its beautiful corners and landscapes, or discovering its overwhelming history and culture, but also being able to savour some of its most exquisite dishes in one of the most highly recommended Michelin-starred restaurants in Malaga, one of the most highly recommended and valued in the south of Spain,

Malaga is lucky enough to have no less than five Michelin-starred restaurants, so if you have set yourself the goal of visiting them all, it may be worth taking a hire car to enjoy the tasty and varied culinary offer that awaits you at their tables.

Enjoy the best restaurants in Malaga

Restaurant El Lago

One of the first stops on your tour of the province of Malaga should undoubtedly be the elegant Restaurante el Lago, located on Avenida Marco Polo in the city of Marbella, in a privileged location next to a lake with stunning views of a golf course. An ideal place for those who wish to try some of the best dishes of Andalusian cuisine washed down with some of the exquisite wines from its famous wine cellar.

José Carlos García Restaurant

The Restaurant José Carlos García is another Michelin restaurant that you should not miss, offering you in the privileged enclave of the Port of Malaga, an extensive menu of dishes and signature cuisine, with a marked style of elegance and professionalism that will make you enjoy the gastronomy of this land like never before.

Skinna Restaurant

If you decide to tour the province in a rented car, another destination to visit is the famous Skinna Restaurant on Calle Aduar in Marbella, where you will be able to enjoy the true culinary avant-garde, with dishes with a markedly Andalusian flavour in an enclave of exquisite elegance that will delight you.

Messina Restaurant

Another Michelin-starred restaurant in Malaga not to be missed is the Messina Restaurant on Avenida de Severo Ochoa in Marbella, where you will have at your disposal an extensive menu with the best Mediterranean cuisine of the moment, in a place of great elegance with a marked minimalist atmosphere.

Bardal Restaurant

Last but not least, the Bardal Restaurant on Calle José Aparicio in the town of Ronda, is another of the most highly recommended Michelin-starred restaurants in Malaga, especially for those who wish to sample the delicacies that come out of its kitchens, famous for their flavour, quality and presentation.

A wide culinary offer in Malaga

Given the overwhelming gastronomic offer in Malaga, especially in renowned restaurants such as these five Michelin stars, and in order to make the most of your stay in the province, it may be interesting to rent a car to have maximum freedom of movement, without being subject to restrictions or time constraints.

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