The south of Andalusia has a large number of places of great beauty, perfect for planning a getaway by car and visiting some of the most attractive places and points of interest.

A good example of this is Gibraltar, a perfect destination to travel from Malaga and visit it in a day and that will certainly be worth it.

What to see in Gibraltar?

Few places have such a wide and interesting range of activities to do and places to visit as Gibraltar, a British territory that after the Brexit still allows entry to those carrying only ID cards, without the need for a passport.

Among the things to do in Gibraltar are shopping, strolling through its streets, visiting the recommended Skywalk and its impressive views, as well as the omnipresent rock and enjoying a gastronomic offer with a strong Andalusian flavour.

What to do in Gibraltar in a day

Those who want to know what to do in Gibraltar in a day, and who think that monkeys are the only interesting thing to see in the Rock of Gibraltar, should make a note in their diary of places like the bustling Mainstreet where you can do all kinds of shopping, visit the interesting St. Michael’s Caves, the Great Siege Tunnels, the Moorish Castle, the tunnels of the Second World War, the Jewish Cemetery, or enjoy the views of the beautiful Port of Gibraltar.

Places to see in Gibraltar for free, as well as others for a fee, where you can get to know one of the most strategic and well-known points, coveted by thousands of people for years and which today is one of the most interesting trips to go by car from cities like Malaga.

Getting from Malaga to Gibraltar

The most practical way to get to Gibraltar is to use a vehicle, the best option being to hire a car in Malaga so as not to have any limits on the timetables or movements of the organised excursions, and thus be able to make the most of your stay.

To find out how to get to Gibraltar from Malaga by car, it is necessary to know that you have to take the AP-7 from the beginning, or also the A-355 to join the toll motorway again after a few kilometres, where in less than two hours you will have arrived in Gibraltar to enjoy this beautiful and picturesque destination, very close to Malaga if you go by rental car.

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