Do you know how to take a baby in the car, or up to what age children should be in a car seat? Here is some advice on what to do with children in the car according to the DGT regulations with the rules for children in the car. The main element is safety.

How to take children in the car?

When travelling with children in the car, the most important thing is their height. The permitted height for children in the car is 1.35 metres. Until then they must use a CRS, a child restraint system. And if possible, this CRS should be maintained until the child reaches 1.50 metres in height.

Thus, the question of when children can go in the car without a car seat has an obvious answer – when they are above this height. Another question, when children can ride in the front of the car, is also easy to answer, as CRSs are always placed in the rear seats, and if possible in the middle seat.

Where is the car seat placed in the car and how do I fit it?

How old can a baby travel in a car? Well, from birth, there is no minimum age. CRSs are designed to provide maximum safety for children in the car. One aspect that is important is that the baby must travel in a car seat until it is 15 months old. After that time, the DGT continues to recommend keeping it until the child is four years old.

Other basic recommendations for travelling with children by car

Now that you are familiar with the basic dynamics of travelling with children, and knowing that the permitted height for children in the front seat is more than 1.35 metres, there are also a few other tips to keep in mind.

One of them is to always put the baby in and out of the car on the safest side. It is also important to check that the CRS is securely fastened, that there is no slack and that the child feels comfortable.

Finally, there is no answer to the question of what age children can ride in the front of the car, as CRSs are adapted to their height. We have already made it clear how tall children need to be in the car: 1.50 metres is recommended and 1.35 metres is compulsory.

With all this, if you are travelling around Malaga, from Yellow Car we recommend you the option of car hire, as we guarantee compliance with all these safety measures.

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