In recent decades, Malaga has become one of the main tourist destinations in Spain and Europe. One of the reasons is the climate and, therefore, the great atmosphere and quality of its beaches in summer.

At Yellowcar we want to make it easy for you to discover some of the main coves in Malaga by car, and we have prepared this list for you to think about how many of the best coves on the Costa del Sol you will visit this summer.

There’s something for everyone, from the smallest and least crowded to the most popular. From one end of the Costa del Sol to the other, let’s enjoy!

Maro Beach

If we had to choose just one of the incredible coves in Malaga, it would probably be Maro Beach.

Surrounded by wooded hills, a dreamlike landscape and crystal clear waters like few others on the Costa del Sol, it also has all the services, including kayak and paddle surf rental. Between it and its neighbour, Caleta de Maro, is the famous Maro waterfall, almost 15 metres high, which falls sweetly and beautifully directly into the sea.

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How to get to Maro Beach from Malaga Airport

Cañuelo Cove

Located in the heart of the Maro-Cerro Gordo Cliffs Natural Park, it is the most easterly beach in the province of Malaga and borders the province of Granada.

It is surrounded by an idyllic setting, and protected by its cliffs from the wind and waves. Of dark sand and gravel, access in summer can be made on foot, down narrow paths from the N-340, or in a special shuttle bus for this beach. It is, without a doubt, a perfect place for snorkelling, paddle surfing or kayaking in its crystal clear waters. There are also showers, cleanliness and 2 beach bars where you can have a drink or a snack.

This beach has a bus service in summer, which makes access easier, especially for families with children, the elderly and the disabled. It also has services such as showers, cleaning and a beach bar where you can eat.

How to get to Cañuelo Cove from Malaga Airport

Barranco de Maro Cove

Located at the mouth of the Maro ravine, its scarce 20 metres in length and width make it a real oasis as far as beaches in Malaga are concerned.

It must be reached on foot along paths surrounded by reed beds and subtropical crops, as there is no road for cars. It is therefore advisable to wear sports shoes to access the beach. To enjoy its thick, dark-coloured sand and its mini freshwater waterfall, we recommend you go early in the summer to get a spot.

How to get to Cala Barranco de Maro from Malaga Airport

Cove of Maro Beach

The cove of Maro or small cove is one of those coves in Malaga that has nothing to envy to those incredible coves of Mallorca, Menorca, Greece… Its 400 metres of sandy tongue are also famous for having been the scene of one of the episodes of “Verano azul”.

A few steps away from the famous Nerja Caves, again its “difficult” access makes it a relatively hidden place, and it has no toilets, showers or beach bars.

Nominated as the second best beach in Spain, the natural environment that surrounds it gives it a wild charm. A true paradise next to its neighbour, Playa de Maro.

How to get to Caleta de Maro Beach from Malaga Airport

Pine Cove

We still haven’t left Maro. The cliffs of Maro-Cerro Gordo, next to Nerja and Frigiliana, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, are famous for their rugged landscape, marine life and spectacular beaches. The double beach of Cala del Pino, divided by rocks but easily accessible on foot from one to the other. Almost virgin, semi-nudist, it is another perfect option for lovers of diving and tranquillity.

How to get to Cala del Pino from Malaga Airport

Beach of Las Alberquillas

Unspoilt beach, just over 500 metres long, frequented by nudists, with a 100% natural environment, without services, and one of the calmest and quietest in the area, ideal for hiking… who could do better?

Its car park is about 100 metres from the beach, which we reach by going down a dirt track. Its transparent waters, seabed, rocks and caves are already waiting for you.

How to get to Las Alberquillas Beach from Malaga Airport

Crag of the Crow’s Cove

Change of register. After dissecting some of the best hidden coves in Malaga, which are mainly concentrated in the area of Maro, it’s time to get closer to the Costa del Sol capital. And it’s time to talk about the Crag of the Crow Cove.

Its great attraction comes from its location, just outside the city, between the Candado marina and the cement factory. But there is much more to it: it is a place protected by the endangered native plant it shelters: the Malaga evergreen evergreen.

Well maintained, it has picnic areas and barbecues that can be booked free of charge. In addition, in summer there are usually concerts and live music.

It is located between the Candado marina and the cement factory.

How to get to Crag Rock Cove from Malaga Airport

Viborilla Beach

Among the best coves in western Malaga, we cannot overlook Playa de las Viborillas, in Benalmádena.

Formed by different small coves, and hidden among palm trees and Mediterranean forest, it is a real call for diving and snorkelling lovers. As if that wasn’t enough, it has a restaurant located at the top of the cliff.

Be careful not to confuse it with Las Viborillas or Benalnatura beach, located right next to it, which is purely nudist. Both are more or less small, so in summer they are very busy. But don’t hesitate: they are well worth it!

How to get to Viborilla Beach from Malaga Airport

La Doncella Cove

A suggestive name, isn’t it? Well, this idyllic enclave is even more so. Although, yes, it could well be called Cala de la Rosa. Because its complicated access and the obligatory hike are the thorns that we must take into account to enjoy its beauty.

How to get to Cove de la Doncella from Malaga Airport

Tarzan Cove

Here is another example that hidden coves in Malaga do exist… You just have to know where to find them!

The Tarzan Cove, in Nerja, is famous for the large rock from which you can jump into the sea (4-5 metres high). It can be visited by kayak or paddle surf from the famous neighbouring Burriana beach. The small, dirt car park is about 200 metres away and you have to walk down a path through large bushes.

How to get to Tarzan’s Cove from Malaga Airport

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