Teatinos in Malaga is one of the best areas to enjoy a healthy leisure environment, with a wide range of services and the presence of a university spirit that surrounds the whole neighbourhood. Its wide gastronomic offer has turned it into a reference area in the capital of the Costa del Sol. Here are some of the main restaurants in Teatinos.

The best restaurants in Teatinos

Luxalad Teatinos

This restaurant is known in the neighbourhood for its menu full of light, tasty and healthy food. It is a fast food restaurant but everything revolves around salads, giving them the value they deserve and enhancing their presence by adding flavours that make them very tasty, original and fun. Luxalad Teatinos is located next to the health centre of Colonia de Santa Inés.

Patagonia Teatinos

Patagonia’s name already gives away what you can find in this place. If you don’t know where to eat cheaply in Teatinos Malaga, here’s the answer. An Argentinian restaurant that fuses with Mediterranean cuisine and boasts a generous roast and considerable tapas. All washed down with a good beer and a spectacular coffee. The restaurant is located on Avda. Plutarco.

El Dorado Teatinos

There is nothing more “malagueño” than a “campero”, this is how the El Dorado Teatinos website promotes itself. This sandwich, so local, is one of its most popular dishes, as well as the roast chicken or monkfish. Located in Calle Eolo, the restaurant offers a quiet atmosphere and a very attentive service from the waiters.

Matahambre Teatinos

Head to Calle Franz Kafka to visit Taberta Matahambre Teatinos. Here the cuisine is purely Spanish, with hearty tapas including cheese salad and chicken tikka. The fritters and brownies are two other must-try options.

Backlabel Teatinos

Blacklabel Urban Grill is the full name of this restaurant. Here you’ll find one of the best options for enjoying American cuisine: bacon, ribs, nachos… and to sweeten the menu: brownies and homemade ice cream. The English beer is unbeatable, as well as the American coffee and milkshakes. The restaurant is located on Calle Álamos.

La Proa de Teatinos

Another restaurant in Teatinos that reveals itself by its own name. Here they serve the best seafood in the neighbourhood, with classic recipes such as paella, prawns or black rice. Other possibilities for dessert are cheesecake, fruit cake or brownies. Head to Calle Andrómeda to sample the Mediterranean flavour of its dishes.

Le Grand Cafe Teatinos

Despite its name, Le Grand Cafe is much more than a café. The place offers a very homely atmosphere, very affordable prices and an interesting gastronomic offer. The laing they serve is one of the best in Malaga. You can accompany it with liquor or beer, and complete the menu with a good American coffee or one of their many milkshakes.

Kalua Teatinos

With all of the above suggestions we give you the answer to where to eat cheaply in Teatinos Malaga. But we don’t want to finish these recommendations without a good ice cream parlour. Kalua, on Avda. Jane Bowles, takes ice cream to a level of excellence, with a unique texture, flavour and creaminess. The ice creams are made from top quality raw materials and the emphasis is on local produce.

How to get to Teatinos Malaga?

The terraces of Teatinos and the restaurants in Teatinos Malaga are two of its main attractions. But how do you get to Teatinos? We recommend you do it with Yellow Car, as we have car hire offices at the airport and near the María Zambrano train station. From both locations the neighbourhood is only about fifteen minutes away.

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