We are going to discuss a series of tips or tricks for novice drivers, which will help them to drive at that stage when they still feel insecure or nervous at the wheel.

Be patient and do not try to become fluent quickly. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you won’t acquire automated driving habits until you practice enough.

Get out on the road and practice every day, even if you don’t have to go anywhere.

Don’t drive with passengers you think may be evaluating you.

Driving with parents or family members assessing or correcting you increases your nervousness and you will make more mistakes.

Avoid them until you feel confident driving.

Always carries the “L”.

Always wear the green sign to warn others that you are a novice driver.

Don’t be shy about showing that you are a novice driver. The green ‘L’ sign will prevent many drivers from getting impatient with you if your car stalls, you take too long to start, or you are late coming out of a crossing.

Always pay attention to speed

The only way to control a vehicle is to control the speed. It is the number one rule of driving: controlling the speed is the same as controlling the car.

Manoeuvres to which you should pay special attention

  • Crossings without traffic lights and roundabouts are the manoeuvres where you should be most vigilant. If in the slightest doubt, avoid overtaking.
  • Never rush or get nervous when another driver honks at you.
  • Don’t get excited or speed up in these cases. Don’t risk an accident by acting rashly.
  • Turn off or silence your mobile phone and avoid using the dashboard screen.
  • Phones and multimedia screens are incompatible with safe driving and are already the cause of more than 25% of road accidents.
  • If you must make a call or use the car’s screen, stop the vehicle in a safe area first.

We would add that of these tips for novice drivers, the last four are also applicable to experienced drivers, as they are simple tricks for better driving and avoiding distractions at the wheel.

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