The car breaks down and puts an end to all our plans in one fell swoop. Two factors coincide in summer that make our vehicles more prone to breakdowns: the heat and long journeys. Do you want to know which are the most frequent car breakdowns in summer? We list them below and, most importantly, we recommend how to avoid them.

Watch out for the heat! The great enemy of the breakdowns of our cars in summer

Surely you know that heat negatively affects our car, but do you know to what extent? The most common breakdowns caused by high temperatures are:

  • The tires. A bad tire can cause a terrible accident. The wheels are in direct contact with the asphalt and, the increase of temperatures, accelerates the wear of the tires.
  • The oil. Rising temperatures also cause the oil in the car’s engine to evaporate.
  • Brake fluid. The high temperatures and the excessive load of the car, with the luggage of our vacations, can cause an extra weight that induces that the brakes heat up more than usual.
  • The engine and the battery. High temperatures or forgetting to turn off the car lights can cause engine and battery failures.
  • The turbo. We are talking about one of the components to which the heat feels worse, and whose repair is more expensive, since its location does not allow it to be cooled easily.
  • The air conditioning system. Breakdowns in the air conditioning are more common in summer because we abuse it, damaging the pipes and may cause refrigerant gas leaks.

Heat inside the car is more dangerous than in the street

In addition to the mechanical failures of our vehicle, and of course not least, heat is dangerous for our health. A study carried out by the Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia (RACC), in collaboration with the Swiss TCS Club, shows that at 35ºC outside, the inside of our vehicle can exceed 55ºC. In addition, the temperature varies depending on the color of our car: black cars exposed to the sun, for ten minutes, reach a temperature of 60 ºC and take 50 minutes to reach 80 ºC; while white cars, in ten minutes, reach 50 ºC. Do not forget to keep your car and your body cooled and hydrated without abusing the air conditioning!

High temperatures and fatigue

Always remember: when tired, stop the engine. Heat increases our stress and fatigue. If you drive in summer, do not forget to wear breathable clothes (light-colored and cotton) and always have a refreshing drink at hand, as dehydration can make us lose our reflexes. Avoid parking in the sun and, if you have no other choice, use sunshades to try to maintain the temperature of the car and not to burn your hands when you start your trip again.

How to avoid car breakdowns in the summertime

First and foremost, it is essential to carry out a complete check before setting off on a long journey to check:

  • The tires. Check their pressure before and after each trip. And, if the trip is long and you see that they are worn out, do not hesitate to change them before leaving.
  • Air conditioning. Use it with caution. It does not need to be at maximum to maintain a cool environment inside the car and, above all, remember to keep it off when turning the engine on and off.
  • Oil and brake fluid. Check both levels so that they are in the correct parameters. Otherwise, they can cause major breakdowns such as the breakage of hoses or the lubrication pump, not to mention that the lack of brake fluid can paralyze them and cause a serious accident.
  • The engine and the battery. Check all the lights of the vehicle before leaving so that they are all turned off and try to carry a pair of calipers to use them in case they are necessary. Also, if you notice that the engine is getting hot, stop the car immediately until the temperature drops.
  • The turbo. Every time you stop, wait a couple of minutes before turning off the engine to keep the turbo in proper working condition.

And, above all, travel with the necessary luggage and be very cautious and patient with possible traffic jams or delays.

If you want to avoid having to make a complete overhaul before your trip or find yourself in extreme temperatures stranded on the road, the best option is to rent a car for your vacations on the Costa del Sol. Yellow Car offers an excellent 24-hour roadside assistance service that will provide you with a towing service and transfer of passengers if necessary. In addition, when the time comes, we will replace your vehicle as soon as possible so you can continue with your vacation.

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