Andalusia offers a large number of destinations of great tourist interest, perfect for planning and enjoying a getaway, visiting some of the most recommended and attractive places such as its promenades.

The promenades of Malaga offer a perfect opportunity for those people who decide to tour the province by car, and want to make the most of their time while visiting some of the most interesting corners of this part of the south of the country.

Some of the most interesting places to visit in Malaga

Malaga has a wide range of tourist attractions, which in some cases can be truly overwhelming, so it is advisable to organise and plan as much as possible the sites and promenades you wish to visit. Car hire is one of the most recommended options for you to make the most of your visit to the most interesting promenades in the city.

The best promenades in Malaga

Pablo Ruíz de Picasso promenade

Among the must-see walks in the city are the Pablo Ruíz de Picasso promenade in the eastern part of Malaga, just over two kilometres long, which passes through areas such as the Playa de los Baños del Carmen, which offers one of the most beautiful views and sunsets in Spain.

La Carihuela promenade Torremolinos

Another must-see if we go by rental car is the Paseo marítimo la Carihuela Torremolinos in the eastern part of the city, one of the liveliest and most touristy areas, where you will find La Carihuela beach, about two kilometres long, and which should be on any list of the best places to visit in Malaga.

Cala del Moral promenade

If we wish to enjoy another pleasant place, we should go to the Cala del Moral promenade, located in Rincón de la Victoria, which despite being less than a kilometre and a half long, is well worth a visit if we go by car along the most recommended promenades in Malaga.

Benalmádena seafront promenade

The Benalmádena promenade is another obligatory stop, one of the most extensive and which borders beaches such as Bil Bil or Santa Ana, and which, due to its long distance, it is almost essential to approach by car in order to get to know this and other promenades such as the following one.

Carvajal Fuengirola seafront promenade

The promenade Carvajal Fuengirola, borders the beach of the same name, one of the most familiar and lively and should be on the list of corners and promenades of Malaga essential to visit if we plan a getaway in a rental car in the province.

Therefore, the best option may be to resort to car hire in Malaga to be able to comfortably approach each of these walks, many of them located quite far from each other, so the car becomes practically indispensable.

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