The calendar of public holidays opening Malaga 2023 is now available for all those who wish to shop in the different establishments of more than three hundred square metres of surface area in the Andalusian city, which will be able to open their doors to their customers during the following days.

The different public holidays in Malaga during the year 2023, which fall on weekdays, are as follows:

  • Monday 2 January
  • Thursday 6th April, (Maundy Thursday)
  • Tuesday 15 August, (Assumption Day)
  • Thursday 12 October (Columbus Day and Pilar Day)
  • Wednesday, 1 November, (All Saints’ Day)
  • Friday 8 December, (Immaculate Conception)

Opening Sundays Malaga

In addition to the previous opening holidays in Malaga that fall on weekdays, there are also the different opening Sundays Malaga 2023, dates that aim to meet the demands of consumers, who wish to shop on certain Sundays of the year, on key dates of the year, such as offers, promotions or sales.

The calendar of Malaga 2023 opening Sundays is as follows:

  • Sunday 8 January
  • Sunday 30th April
  • Sunday 2nd July
  • Sunday 30th July
  • Sunday 26th November
  • Sunday 3 December
  • Sunday 10 December
  • Sunday 17 December
  • Sunday 24 December
  • Sunday 31 December

It is important to remember that smaller shops and businesses in Malaga, of less than three hundred square metres, are authorised to open on any date, whether it is a Sunday or a public holiday. A total of sixteen Sundays and public holidays are intended to meet the needs of consumers who prefer to shop on one of the days with the highest sales volume.

In addition to these public holidays listed in the Official Gazette of the Junta de Andalucía, each town hall in Andalusia, based on its own criteria, can request the permutation of up to two public holidays and Sundays.

This calendar of Public Holidays opening Malaga 2023 has been designed with the intention of opening at least one public holiday, when two consecutive holidays coincide, in addition to taking into account key dates of higher volume of visitors to the city of Malaga, such as the Christmas holidays.

In short, a series of holidays and Sundays that aim to satisfy the majority of consumers, who do not have time to shop during the week, or who prefer to be able to shop on holidays and Sundays, which are key in the commercial calendar in the city of Malaga.

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