In Muelle Uno, the name by which the activity area of the Port of Malaga is known, we can find a multitude of options to enjoy this central area of the city. Restaurants, maritime activities and museums can help you to complete a perfect day in the city.

Muelle Uno Restaurants

Among the restaurants in Muelle Uno we can highlight the following:

Cambara Muelle Uno

Cambara Muelle Uno is a restaurant that reinterprets the traditional dishes of Malaga’s gastronomy in a way that combines tradition, innovation and haute cuisine to leave no diner indifferent.

Amigos Muelle Uno

Amigos Muelle Uno is a restaurant that mixes Mexican and Indian cuisine and is one of the best on the Costa del Sol in these international cuisines. It always offers a very pleasant atmosphere.

Tagliatella Muelle Uno

Tagliatella Muelle Uno is one of the restaurants of this Italian food chain in our country. The perfect place for lovers of pasta, pizza and the gastronomy of the neighbouring country.

Toro Muelle Uno

Toro Muelle Uno is the perfect restaurant to enjoy the most traditional Spanish gastronomy with local products. Located in the centre of Muelle Uno, it always offers a cosy atmosphere.

Where to park in Malaga port?

Parking is difficult in this area because it is in the centre of Malaga. But we have a 24 hour car park and on the official website of the car park you can check the list of prices per minute to park in the Muelle Uno car park and get an estimate of the final cost.

What to do at Muelle Uno in Malaga?

Boat trip on Malaga’s Pier One

In Muelle Uno in Malaga there is the possibility of hiring a boat trip. A boat trip in Malaga Muelle Uno is one of the most popular activities for tourists who pass through the area, ideal for getting to know the city from the sea while enjoying a sunny day.

Pompidou Centre Malaga

Equally interesting is the Pompidou Museum in Malaga, located at the entrance to Muelle Uno, where you can see an extensive collection of paintings that will delight art and painting lovers in general. If you are travelling around Malaga the best way to get around the city is by renting a car in Malaga. An opportunity to get to places like Muelle Uno and discover the best places with total freedom of movement in the capital of the Costa del Sol.

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