If there is an unmissable event in the south of Spain for lovers of the best live music, from renowned artists from all over the world, this is undoubtedly the Marenostrum Fuengirola concerts 2023, which since 2016 offers some of the most attractive and desired outdoor concerts, where internationally renowned groups and singers come together in an incomparable setting next to the Sohail Castle.

Artists coming to Marenostrum Fuengirola 2023

Located in a privileged location on the shores of the Mediterranean, this year the artists coming to Marenostrum Fuengirola 2023 are listed below, between the end of May and the end of August.

  • Pablo Alborán on the 20th of May
  • Martita de Graná on 6th June
  • Robbie Williams on 15 June
  • Kany García on 30 June
  • Tini on 2 July
  • Hombres G on 15 July
  • Morat on 21 July
  • Manuel Carrasco on 18 August

The best artists and groups will be offering some of the best live music concerts throughout these months in a unique venue, which, due to its location and acoustics, makes it one of the most interesting places in Spain to enjoy the best live music.

Tickets for Marenostrum Fuengirola 2023

Tickets for the different concerts of this festival with live music can be obtained on the official website, where in addition to all the necessary information, artists who will perform, it is also possible to purchase in addition to the Marenostrum Fuengirola VIP box tickets for each of the concerts, with exclusive access, parking spaces and other exclusive services.

Capacity Marenostrum Fuengirola

One of the great attractions of this music festival event is its capacity, since in terms of capacity Marenostrum Fuengirola, can boast of hosting about 2,400 people in front of the main stage, plus about 18,000 spectators along the hillside surrounding the fortress of Sohail Castle.

Festivals at Marenostrum Fuengirola
The versatility of this venue allows it to host a large number of festivals of all kinds throughout the year. Thus, for this year the following Marenostrum festivals have been confirmed for 2023.

  • Fulanita Fest
  • UltraBeach
  • Cosquín Rock
  • Locos por la Música
  • Luna Sur
  • Boombastic Day

A wide selection of festivals at the Marenostrum , very varied and of great quality, allowing you to make the most of everything this enviable location in Fuengirola has to offer, which every year attracts thousands of attendees who want to enjoy some of the most recommended events of the year.

How to get to Marenostrum Fuengirola

The Marenostrum Fuengirola is located in one of the most comfortable and accessible areas of the town, in a unique natural setting, historical heritage of Spain, around the park surrounding the Sohail Castle built on the ancient Roman city of Suel. The address of Marenostrum Fuengirola is Calle Tartesios, unnumbered, in one of the most privileged areas of this Andalusian town on the Costa del Sol.

Marenostrum Fuengirola also has great accessibility to its facilities for people with reduced mobility, being one of the most attractive, best equipped and with a wide variety of services summer outdoor music festivals.

In addition, Marenostrum Fuengirola stands out for offering its visitors a wide selection of restaurant areas, where you can buy drinks and eat all kinds of food, with different bars and foodtrucks, along with very well equipped toilet areas and the possibility of acquiring VIP boxes to enjoy the different concerts with the best views and sound.

Where to see the concerts at Marenostrum from

Fuengirola In order to make the most of the experience during the concerts scheduled at Marenostrum Fuengirola 2023, the best option is to use the recommended VIP boxes, one of the best places to comfortably watch the concerts and enjoy the best views and sound.

Each of these boxes at Marenostrum Fuengirola are mainly designed for groups of friends of up to six persons, who want to be able to see in detail each of the artists who will perform this summer, as these boxes are in front of the stage, in an elevated area that allows a perfect view of each concert.

In addition, these VIP boxes have parking spaces available, along with personalised attention, along with bar service, and a complimentary bottle of champagne, so that you can enjoy each of the concerts of this summer outdoor Marenostrum festival in Fuengirola to the fullest.

In short, one of the best opportunities to enjoy the exclusive concerts and events of the year of artists and groups of great national prestige and intentionality, which make the Marenostrum Fuengirola festival and concerts for this 2023, a must for those who want to enjoy the best live music outdoors in a place of great beauty.

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