Renting a car is an excellent alternative for those who move between cities, whether for pleasure, business or work; renting a car gives you the freedom to move around and carry out activities or visit other cities or towns.

However, there are elements that should be considered when renting a car without surprises, such as insurance, mileage and fuel tank, among others, so that there are no surprises when picking up or delivering the car.

Six tips on how to rent a car without surprises

  • Pay close attention to the number of kilometres to be covered. There are limited or unlimited mileage plans for the car. This can become a real headache when handing over the car and verifying that “excess” kilometres can turn a low-cost car rental into a premium car rental.
  • Another important point to bear in mind is road assistance. At Yellow Car we have a 24-hour roadside assistance service that pays the customer for a taxi service, if necessary.
  • Take the time to read the terms and conditions of the contract and any additional car insurance, such as whether or not the car rental has an excess. Clarify any doubts that may arise before signing anything.
  • Check the fuel policy. Our fuel policy is to deliver a full tank of fuel and in turn, the customer must fill the tank before delivery.
  • Pay attention to the payment conditions and pay attention to the opening hours in order to be able to deliver the car.
  • Check if, in case of being fined with the rental car, the company charges extra for the fine management. At Yellow Car we do not charge any extra for fine management (a written statement in which it is specified to the authority that the fined user was using a rented car).

Learn more about the conditions we set and frequently asked questions regarding car rental at Yellow Car.

Yellow, your car hire company on the Costa del Sol

Now, with these simple tips, you can rent your car on the Costa del Sol, without surprises, when you receive or deliver the vehicle. To rent your car without surprises, book your car with Yellow Car.

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