You cannot visit Malaga without trying its tasty gastronomy. Besides its beaches, its perfect climate and all the places to visit, their dishes are loaded with history, with a very characteristic flavor that will make you want to lick your fingers.

The typical dishes of Malaga can only be tasted in the best restaurants. Besides, don’t limit yourself to the capital, in Marbella and in small villages there are also exciting snacks.

With our car hire in Malaga you can go wherever you need to go, to try the perfect dish.

Typical food of Malaga: the best dishes

Sardine spit: Spit is a curious way of eating sardines that is based on roasting them over a fire, as if they were skewers. One point of salt and you have the perfect dish.

Pescaito frito:Of course, you have to try this Malaga fried food. They are dishes made up of different fish, such as anchovies, squid, squid, dogfish, prawns, etc.

Malaga Salad: A very fresh and easy to prepare dish, although with a unique flavour. Ingredients include potatoes, olives, eggs, onions, cod and even oranges. Salt, oil and vinegar give it the point of excellence.

Malaga cabbage: A stew that will be perfect to warm up when the temperatures start to drop. It is a very typical stew of the region, composed of black pudding, bacon, shallots, pumpkin, cabbage, chicken, chickpeas, garlic, onion, salt and oil, among other ingredients. Depending on the restaurant where you eat it, the taste may be slightly different.

Enjoy Malaga’s gastronomy with Yellow Car

Renting a car in the Costa del Sol will help you to reach all these establishments to taste every dish and delight your palate.

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