The province of Malaga has some very charming spots, perfect for enjoying a few days’ rest in a unique natural setting of special beauty. The Pantano del Chorro reservoir is a good example of this, a kind of inland beach in Malaga, where hundreds of people come every weekend to spend an unforgettable day.

Due to its location, if you do not have your own vehicle, it is advisable to rent a car in Malaga, as it offers different places of great interest that deserve to be visited, as well as hiking trails that it is advisable to approach by car.

Origin of the Chorro Reservoir

Initially conceived as an artificial reservoir “Conde de Guadalhorce” that could be used to supply electricity to the province, over time it has become one of the favourite leisure areas for the people of Malaga, as it has different inland beaches, as well as routes and even archaeological sites. A unique natural environment that has been perfectly integrated into nature.

 How to get to Pantano del Chorro 

Only three quarters of an hour from the capital, it is advisable to rent a car in Malaga from companies such as Yellow Car that can quickly offer a vehicle to those who wish to reach the Pantano del Chorro, which is reached by the A-357 road towards Campillos. If you have rented a car in Malaga, take the second exit at Ardales coming from this road, towards the reservoirs on the MA-5403 road. After a few kilometres you will see signs indicating the proximity of the reservoir.

This reservoir, located between the towns of Ardales and Campillos y Ardales, stands out not only for its beauty, but also for its mild temperature throughout the year. The weather in Pantano del Chorro is particularly moderate, sunny practically all the months of the year, but without the heat that occasionally occurs on the coast, thanks especially to the vegetation that surrounds the reservoir.

Rent a car in Malaga to get close to the El Chorro reservoir.

People who are on holiday for a few days in Malaga, wish to discover other places of great beauty, and want to get to this natural spot quickly and comfortably, it is advisable to opt for car hire from Malaga in companies such as Yellow Car, the best and smartest way to visit the different points of interest of this area, as well as to enjoy other places of equal beauty scattered throughout the province of Malaga. 

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