In Marbella we can find the most beautiful beaches in all of Spain. They are located in an idyllic place to enjoy them with the family, or to enjoy the numerous parties that are usually celebrated.

If you want to know the best beaches of Marbella, we will not disappoint you.

Selection of the best beaches in Marbella

  • Playa Nikki: It is one of the most fashionable beaches in this place, where we can find events of the most varied. You can enjoy luxury parties, live music, there are even many artists who will enliven your stay with fire shows or acrobatics.
    Bounty Beach: This is a beach with a young and very quiet air. It is located quite close to the centre of Marbella and is another one of those places that you should write down in the list of what to see in Marbella.

You can even rent nautical equipment to discover the beach at your leisure.

  • Playa Nagüeles: This is another of the most beautiful coves in the area and is praised for its clean waters, its tranquillity and its shallowness. Therefore, it is a good plan if we want to go with the whole family.
    Playa Hermosa:
    Another beach that shares the characteristics of the previous one. It is shallow, usually quiet and we have a long series of services to relax and enjoy like never before. If you are wondering how to go to Marbella beaches, specifically this one, you should know that it is located about 15 minutes from the center of Marbella.
  • Playa de la Fontanilla: In this cove we can find a promenade and many services. There are even shopping centres, shops, a cinema and places to exercise.

This is a selection of the best beaches in Marbella.

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