If you are going to rent a car in Marbella, you need to know certain aspects which are important, like how car insurances work. The majority of car hire firms at Malaga Airport offer two options when contracting car insurance: Full risk insurance with excess or full risk insurance without excess but what does this really mean? Is it convenient to contract this?

¿How does an insurance with excess or without excess works ?

If you rent a car with a basic insurance (third parties) and it gets damaged or robed, you would be responsible of paying the full costs involved in the repair or full substitution of the vehicle.

To avoid this risk, car rentals normally offer the possibility of a full risk insurance. But BE CAREFUL ¡, as this full risk insurance can be “with excess or without excess”.

If it is with excess or deductible, when you formalize the rental, the car rental company will charge or hold an extra sum of money from your card to cover this excess, a sum which will depend on the type of car hired.

The excess or deductible is the maximum sum of money that you will pay in case of damages of theft.

If you had a 1.000 € excess and the car is stolen, it would’ve cost you 1.000€.

However, if you had rented the car with full risk insurance without excess, you would not have to pay anything.

Sometimes this confusion deliberately originates from the car rental company itself as in both cases they can advertise “full risk insurance”; except they don’t add whether this is “with or without excess”.

Policies change depending of the car rental company which is why it is important to read the terms when signing the contract or renting the car.

5 key differences between hiring a car with or without insurance excess

Renting a car with or without excess is often a question that many users ask themselves when renting a car. However, in order to answer this question, you need to know how the rental company you are going to hire works and the difference between these two types of rentals.

1- The price of the rental itself may be more affordable when renting with excess but you would need to deposit an important “refundable” amount together with the rental.

2- With full risk insurance without excess you know exactly what the final price of the rental will be.

Keep in mind that “accidents” are also small damages, dents, scratches, broken windows or mirrors, picked locks, etc and it’s the car rental company that unilaterally will establish the reparation cost.

3- If you rent with excess, you need to carefully inspect the vehicle when it is handed to you and make sure that existing damages are accounted for in the rental contract to avoid future disputes (which are not uncommon). Take photos or a video when possible.

4- The return of the excess, when the payment is done with a credit card, might take some time to go back to your account.

5- If you rent with full risk insurance without excess, you will have complete peace when you drive in zones which you aren’t familiar with and this is when cars are more often scratched.

Car hire with full risk insurance and no excess at Malaga Airport

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